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Group Classes


Mat Group Class

We focus on groups of four people meaning the instructors can work on ensuring you are getting the best from your class. It helps you get stronger from the inside out and builds a solid foundation that will carry with you throughout whatever activity you do. Mat Pilates is a safe, effective, and sustainable form of fitness that will just make you feel better in your body every time you do it.

We offer mat classes at different levels to better address your fitness goals:

  • Restorative Mat
    Gentle exercises that focus on releasing the main joints while strengthening the core in a very safe way for the spine.


  • Introduction to Mat Pilates
    Good for beginners, this class introduce the foundation exercises that teaches how to engage the core to gain power and flexibility in the whole body.

  • Get Strong and Flexible Mat
    For people with some experience, this class challenges the control of the body with exercises that require coordination and balance while making the body stronger.

1 Class (60 MINUTES)  -  $37.00 + HST

4 Classes or more - $35.00 + HST

8 Classes or more - $33.00 + HST


Reformer Group Class

Our reformer groups are up to three people. That gives you a chance to get individualized attention from the instructors. This workout is done on an apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates that was created to help rehab the body. Reformer pilates gives a full-body workout, which improves power, strength, flexibility, and coordination. We offer reformer classes at different levels to better address your fitness goals:

  • Restorative Reformer
    The class flows using slow, focused movements designed to improve your flexibility, balance, and posture awareness while strengthening the core.​​

  • Reformer Essentials
    An excellent option for beginners or people that want to explore the fundamentals of controlled and fluid movement. It’s a way to challenge the engagement of the muscles of the core in response to resistance training.

  • Reformer Stability and Power
    The intermediate class uses the Reformer's resistance to work the core while improving the spine's mobility and the power of legs and arms. It helps develop strength, endurance, and greater range of motion.

1 Class (60 MINUTES)  -  $43.00 + HST

4 Classes or more - $41.00 + HST

8 Classes or more - $39.00 + HST


Specialty Class

Our specialty classes are designed for a special population that has some specific needs, like postpartum. Pilates is a great way for new moms to reconnect with their center, improve posture, and safely strengthen their bodies. And if you don’t have anyone to look after your baby, this is not a problem! Your baby is welcome to come with you!

  • Mom & Baby Mat
    Postnatal Pilates exercises are low-impact and gentle, enabling mothers to heal and rebuild their strength in a safe way. It focus on building core strength and stability as well as strength for the pelvic floor muscles, preventing and/or reducing back pain, and supporting mental well being.

60 MINUTES  -  $41.00 + HST

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