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Private Classes


Private Session

The key to a successful and meaningful one-on-one session is the ability to listen to the client’s request and tailor a personalized session that addresses it. 

This time gives the instructor, and you, a chance to get to know your body more personally and in-depth to create an exercise plan that would work best for you.

In a private session, the client can also explore all the different pieces of Pilates equipment.

60 MINUTES  -  $92.00 + HST
45 MINUTES  -  $69.00 + HST


Semi-Private Session

Semi-private classes are great for those who would like to work out with a family member or friend.


Sometimes people feel more motivated when they have a fitness buddy, and you and your partner can take advantage of a semi-private class.


It gives you all the benefits of a private session, but with a friend!

60 MINUTES  -  $74.00 + HST

Online Fitness Class_edited.jpg

Online Session

Online sessions were a great discovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.


It showed all of us that we have another option to exercise safely and effectively under the guidance of a qualified professional without having to leave home.

If you live far or if you can't make it to the studio because of some conflicts in your schedule, we can still teach you!

60 MINUTES  -  $92.00 + HST

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